Geyser Care from Kandua

Article from Kandua pro’s 

Avoid a burst geyser (and the associated damage) this winter with these tips from Kandua Pros:

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Blankets are not just for you
A geyser blanket reduces temperature fluctuations, which reduces the stress on the geyser. As a bonus, you’ll save money on electricity. 

Services are not just for your car
Pros recommending servicing a geyser every 3 years to check the components are working, to spot cracks and leaks, and remove limescale. 

Not too hot, not too cold, just right
Kandua Pros recommend setting your geyser at 60C. 

A drip tray keeps the damage away
A drip tray with an overflow pipe can help avoid water damage to your home if the worst happens, and can make it easier to spot leaks.

And if your geyser does give up this winter, Kandua Pros are just a click away. You’ll be having a hot shower again in no time. 

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