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We have been in the alternative energy solution industry for over 10 years.

We don't sell products, we propose solutions to enhance your lifestyle, engaging with you and discovering your unique needs and challenges regarding load-shedding, high electricity prices, water shortages and only then proposing affordable, HIGH QUALITY solutions to overcome these challenges.

We have partnered with the very best suppliers to ensure excellent quality materials and solutions that work and last.

The materials and products designed for a particular solution are proposed because they are of the highest QUALITY and have been stringently tried and tested, year on year they have provided client satisfaction.

When deciding on a system, many people find it difficult to distinguish between different systems without knowing all the technical jargon, then look at the RAND amount, our systems are all QUALITY based and we can assist in distinguishing why we have recommended a particular system in plain language.

We ensure that we do right by you and all our clients in all aspects, as we like to sleep at night.

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