Leo and Antoinette
Business/Residential Prepaid System

Hi David We hope you are well ! Just in case you were wondering – we are loving the solar installation. Our electricity usage came down from: Nov '23 1313.43 KwH, Dec 1338.21 KwH, Jan'24 746.75 KwH, Feb 177.55 KwH, so we are very chuffed.

Ms Milla

Good morning David THANK YOU very much for your effort, kindness and patience shown to me. I was really apprehensive about going this route initially but am now certain I made the right decision. A big shout out to you and the team. Greatly appreciate all the teamwork and professionalism at all times. Attached herewith the POP for the final payment. I will definitely be in touch should the need arise. Much light and prosperity always.


Hurray... Thank you ... 😀☀️🌷You are a superstar... and in the nick of time... lots of loadshedding I see. Back from Seoul on Wed..


Hi David... Feedback update. Your electrician is charming, professional and very good at his job. He worked out the imbalance in the system... explained it to Arther... and fixed what needed to be fixed. He was fabulous. Many thanks indeed. No tripping since he put the system back on in the late morning. All good. V grateful. Kay x 🌻


Morning David The system did unbelievably well considering we had 5 hours loadshedding from 2-7pm and then again at 10 to midnight. Loadshedding started at 6 and I still have batter backup this morning!!!


Thank you again for everything ❤


Thanks for that David, good points. Hope the smooth operation continues! Cheers.


Hi David, you are right. It’s not worth putting a system in if it does not meet our full requirements. Rather do it properly or not all especially with regard to the other part of the system the panels which should form an integral part of the long term project .


Your service is excellent and I do appreciate the extra mile. Your last tutorial when the machine was screaming at me was so good that I was able to sort it out by myself. I felt so grownup!


The gentleman was very nice about it all and very thorough and patient. Thank you for the efficient and professional way all was handled and I will certainly recommend your company. Regards Elizabeth

Dr Joanna

I should also say that we are literally grateful to you every day at the moment, and hope that one of the positives of this situation is that your business is flourishing and can keep up with demand!

Home Owner

Thank you so much for the info, I will go through it in detal tommorow at the office. This info, and the way you run your business and dealing with your customers is why you are way above the rest of the businesses out there. Well done and thank you for making our dream come true. Have a great evening. Chat soon. Kind Regards. Willem


Just to let you know that the plumber sorted out the problem and all has been peaceful. He was very thorough and checked everything. A good man. Please let me know what I owe you.


Thanks so much David!


Hi David, The systems look fantastic. Thanks for installing them. Kind Regards, Jan

Tasneem and Junaid

Hi David Thanks so much for all your help, time and expertise. You and your team were very professional throughout the entire process. I'll definitely refer you to my patients and friends if anyone is keen on solar I'll forward through all of this to Junaid for his records. Have a lovely evening. Kind Regards

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