Solar Water Heating

Your geyser uses upward of 40% of your electricity bill, and there is a 10% heat loss through the geyser casing.

We convert your existing electrical geyser to solar.  Your geyser gets reinsulated , tubes are placed on your roof and insulated pipes feed the water to run through the manifold powered by a pump. No water travels inside the tubes which have 98% pure copper rods inside them to heat the water.

Due to the design of the tubes, they collect sunlight from almost any angle.

This is all controlled by the controller, there is a sophisticated keypad placed near your bathroom that you may monitor temperatures and set morning timers should you wish, 

Eskom backup is also available should we experience weeks of cloudy weather.

The system will not freeze, the controller runs hot water through the tubes when the external temperature reaches 7degrees C.

The system is hail resistant, in ten years we have had two incidents of freak hailstorms cracking two and three tubes out of 24 tube systems, roof tiles were also damaged during this storm.

The system is maintenance free and extremely robust, thus we continue to use it still after ten years.

With the Controller this ensures that the system will not overheat or 'boil' contrary to popular belief.

You will save realistically 30-35% of your electricity bill, and load which is relevant in that not only will you save electricity, but when we install your Photovoltaic system we size it 1/3 smaller to achieve the same power.