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Providing Alternative Energy Solutions to Electricity Supply Challenges

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We are passionate about providing Solar Solutions and other Alternative Energy Solution's to Homes, Properties, Businesses and Commercial Properties, solving Electricity Generation Challenges,

Proposing solutions to enhance your lifestyle and reducing your overheads by engaging with you and discovering your unique needs and challenges regarding the provision of Alternative Energy,

After examining your unique situation, we will then only Propose Affordable, High Quality Solutions.

We have partnered with the very best suppliers ensuring excellent quality materials and solutions that work and last, because they have been stringently tried and tested, year on year they have provided absolute client satisfaction.

There is a lot of the technical jargon and what the system will actually do for you, we will assist in distinguishing why we have recommended a particular quality system in plain language.

We ensure that we do right by you and all our clients in all aspects, as we like to sleep at night.

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Gas Installations

Reducing the consumption from the Homes Electricity Bill by converting Your Water Heating, Cooking and Home Heating to Gas, Doing this with Complete Safety and Compliance, being more independent of Eskom regarding cooking, water heating and home heating,

Steel and Metal Work

All forms of Steel and Metal work, from ornate ballistrades and gates to security gates and doors as well as your normal steel constructions around the home, very much an open basket,

Electrical Maintenance

From converting to LED Bulbs to a short in the home, we have a professional qualified wireman Electrician available to see to these. We have noticed that although a home's electrics are working fine, that they are completely uncompliant and are a fire hazard,

Plumbing Maintenance

Every now and again we are faced with a leaking tap, a blocked drain or burst pipe, and very often expired thermostats or hot water issues, to mention a few, We have a trained team of qualified plumbers who will gladly assist you with these issues,

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We are based in Eastleigh, Edenvale in Johannesburg but we service all areas, should you have any queries whatsoever, kindly contact us directly, Should you wish to visit our offices, please do so via APPOINTMENT ONLY PLEASE NOTE NO STOCK OR CASH ARE KEPT ON THE PREMISES

This is a very important Question, keeping it brief -

This is totally dependent on your needs and priorities and of course budget,

Firstly reduce your highest consuming electrical appliances, namely
- Geyser consumption at 40% convert this to alternative water heating, gas or heat pump or solar geyser, you will save 30-35% of your bill.
- Cooking on electricity, try to convert to gas cooking.
- Convert your lights to LED's.
- Run your swimming pool for a lesser total time period.

This reduces your bill immediately, but also reduces your 'load', this is what is used in calculating the size of your system.
The smaller the load the smaller the system you would require.

There are many very cheap products available, PLEASE ensure that you are getting proper materials and a proper installation team. The cheap route is the nasty route.

Install a medium sized solar array with battery backup that can be built on in time.

Alternatively, look to install a proper Lithium Battery backup System with a Proper Solar ready Inverter this is a foundation system that allows relief from load-shedding but is ready to accept panels when you are ready.

Or Purely for load-shedding you can look at one of our smaller inverter systems for essentials only.

PLEASE be aware of salesmen/women that promise you the world with a cheap quotation-this seems to be the trend the last few years, proper quality, lasting and safe solar installations are not cheap.
We look at your individual home's consumption holistically, taking into account all of your appliances and consumption by measuring this or your daily khw or unit usage,

Firstly suggesting alternative ways to reduce this consumption, with a little solar housekeeping,(a phrase coined by one of my clients),

The number of panels required to power your system and charge the batteries, is then calculated, suggest the best suited inverter to cope with this production and consumption and suggest suitably sized battery banks for evening usage,

We then meet to discuss how best to optimize the proposal,
Please see Article under Articles, short and sweet, there are many ways to design a system that suits your home, from different suppliers many differing opinions will come,

We like to work with you as an individual, as your home, your consumption and your consumption habits will be completely different to your neighbor.

Taking your specific requirements into account when designing and proposing a system, not a one system works for all scenario.

The equipment we use is of the highest quality with the relevant guarantees and of course our backup and after sales service.

Please be wary of the installers whom merely just want to give you a quote without proper investigation,
We like to work closely with our clients, discovering what they require and suiting that to their budgets, so at times we may install a smaller budgetary system, but on all the systems we install you can build up as your budget allows,

We can install a skeleton system or Battery Backup System that can just receive more battery backup and more panels without having to change the inverter down the line. 
The Solar Water Heating system tubes are made from tempered glass, and have been designed to withstand the terminal velocity of a hailstone, in 10years we have had two incidents of hail damage, 2 tubes cracked and three tubes cracked out of a 24tube system, simultaneously the hail storm damaged roof tiles and the clients vehicles.
All need be done is replace the damaged tubes with a new glass tube at a fraction cost
The photovoltaic panels are of the same quality, also put through ongoing serious testing,

No, the controller is designed to start pumping hot water through the manifold when the external temperature reaches 7degrees C.
The guarantees differ from product to product, but they are not only guarantees from ourselves, our suppliers and product manufacturer also uphold these guarantees to ensure you have a worry free experience,
Just contact us,
This also serves as to why we purchase the premium brands and deal with reputable suppliers.
We strive to install and supply the best quality materials available, to ensure lasting customer experience.

We do not cut corners or provide inferior items, we like to sleep at night, knowing you the client has a product that has earned its reputation with us, unfortunately this does come at a slight premium, but it is really worth every cent.

Our suppliers whom we have partnered with over the years, haven't been chosen randomly, we choose them because of the quality product they supply.
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About imageAbout image
We have been in the alternative energy solution industry for over 10 years.

We don't sell products, we propose solutions to enhance your lifestyle, engaging with you and discovering your unique needs and challenges regarding load-shedding, high electricity prices, water shortages and only then proposing affordable, HIGH QUALITY solutions to overcome these challenges.

We have partnered with the very best suppliers to ensure excellent quality materials and solutions that work and last.

The materials and products designed for a particular solution are proposed because they are of the highest QUALITY and have been stringently tried and tested, year on year they have provided client satisfaction.

When deciding on a system, many people find it difficult to distinguish between different systems without knowing all the technical jargon, then look at the RAND amount, our systems are all QUALITY based and we can assist in distinguishing why we have recommended a particular system in plain language.

We ensure that we do right by you and all our clients in all aspects, as we like to sleep at night.

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